58 Liters


Osprey Exos 58

In March, 2015, I bought my Osprey Exos 58 pack in order to travel and live out of it for the unforeseeable future. I was leaving San Francisco, where I had lived for a year, in order to head to South-East Asia on a one-way flight to Hacker Paradise. Nominally, I was taking a break from the States. In real terms, I was moving back to being nomadic, carrying the world on my back.

I had given my last Osprey pack to a friend who had his stolen in South America while he was asleep in his hostel. And while I was walking in SF on my way to a library, my daypack I would have used was stolen by two kids with a gun, along with my laptop, phone, wallet, notebook, headphones, and the other accoutrement of a nomadic developer. I had one pack left; a 110L Kelty that weighed seven pounds, which my father had given me when I was 10, knowing that I could use it for years and that I would ‘grow into it’ (his words). I gave this to my flatmate for Burning Man, and after the dust of the playa was caked on it, I knew I would need something else.

So, I went to REI, and picked up the Exos 58. A perfect backpack. It has enough outside pockets to keep a bottle and a rain cover without any hassle. The top has a pocket if I need to store notebooks, pens, or other things for easy access, and it detaches if I want a slimmer bag, or just a small handbag (albeit, without a strap). The whole thing weighs only 2.05 pounds.

I put everything that didn’t fit in it into storage, or on the street. I was free.


I flew overseas. A month after I got there, I had only a few possessions, and I couldn’t have been happier. One day in April, I decided to lay them all out, and see what I had. I took pictures, and decided to make a website to showcase how much I carried with me. Not in a listicle this-is-what-you-need-to-nomad kind of way, but in a heartfelt, ‘here’s what I brought with me.’ This is the stuff I carried.

Time caught up with me, and I prioritized other things. I brought the bag with me to Boston, to Vermont, to Japan and Berlin and Buenos Aires. Now, in Montreal, I’ve decided that putting those pictures up is what I finally need to do. So here is what I live with when I’m on the road. The items come in and out, the books change. But for better or worse, here’s what you can fit in 58 liters of life.

Who Am I?

I’m Richard Littauer. Aspiring star man, writer, nomad, adventurer, and coder.

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This site uses Amazon affiliate links for some items. This site took time and money, and I think that sharing how to buy something through an online market place is not the worst place to try and offset that cost.

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Can I add the contents of my backpack, too?

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