58 Liters

Wanderer bracelet

I met this guy at the back of a coworking place in Bali, who looked like he had just walked off of Miami beach. The cocktail was still in his hand, and he had Boromir-length hair with a surfer’s grin on. We became friends almost instantly.

Turns out he had walked into the jungle and found a village of people whose only real skill was carving water buffalo bone into trinkets for tourists, which they sold for pennies. This gave Ben an idea, and a year later, he had an entire business set up, with dozens of employees, making water buffalo jewelry to sell at a markup in Long Beach and Martha’s vineyard, in the shapes of anchors, hearts, and pineapples. You can still get them; check out Wanderer Bracelets.

Ben gave me this one for free. I asked for an anchor because it reminded me of my ship, Maya, which I used to sail in the Mediterranean. It’s a great reminder that there’s really opportunity almost everywhere.