58 Liters

Business cards

Normally, I take a picture of a business card, and then throw it away. Sometimes, I keep them around, in my wallet, to remind me of other people.

I don’t recall what the top card is. The middle card is for an antique bookseller I met in San Francisco. I was reading Gödel Escher Bach at The Long Now in San Francisco, chuckling to myself, when I saw a man next to me reading a book about the Silk Road. We started chatting, and he ended up inviting me to dinner with some friends of his he thought I would get along with. I ended up getting very drunk, singing old Hash House Harrier drinking songs with his friend the bookseller, who used to do long drunk runs through the Himalaya, and who lived in Tokyo for a few decades. In retrospect, I rather embarrassed myself, but it was still a grand old time.

The top card is for my taxi driver, Nyoman. Everyone in Bali is named Nyoman, but there’s only one taxi driver who has had a personal website that I know of. I made inyoman.com for him, as I wanted to give back something to the local community, and he had been asking me while we drove how he could improve his business. Explaining scaling to a taxi driver is difficult. I wrote about Nyoman here. I hope he is doing well.