58 Liters


I carried this around with me, but it weighed a ton. The Nikon D7000 weighs almost two pounds (780g), which is far too much to justify carrying it around all of the time, considering I had my phone as well and that, at the time, I wasn’t doing any major photography. I did take a few beautiful shots with it - in particular, when I was heading down to Koh Lanta by a train out of Bangkok. I bought this camera at B&H in New York, convinced I would start my career as a photojournalist soon. Instead, I largely take photos of birds, for which I need to significantly up the lens for better quality, anyway.

I’ve since upgraded to the Sony RX100, which is much smaller and has better steadiness for walking and shooting. Unfortunately, the battery life is atrocious. I’ll find a great camera some day.