58 Liters


Nalgenes are fantastic, but they weigh a lot, and they are the worst choice possible for anything other than water, as the plastic tends to keep the flavor of whatever you put in them. I wanted a small thermos I could use for coffee. I bought this at the Alite Outpost down the road from my house in the Mission, when I worked for Hipcamp and had a discount there as we were a camping company, too. It’s a Klean Kanteen.

The problem with it is that hot water swiftly gets too hot, and cold water too cold. The metal is a very effective conducer of temperature. To offset this, I wrapped the whole thing in colored duct tape. I now wouldn’t run out of duct tape, and I had a hand warmer. Boo-yah baby.

It dented easily, but was light weight and a nice little thermos.