58 Liters


This Apple Bluetooth Keyboard is pretty lightweight, and works well with a wireless mouse and a Roost laptop stand, something I have now which I didn’t when I made this inventory. If you don’t have a roost, you can easily prop up the keyboard using a couple of books, which is my standard strategy.

This particular board is slightly bent, so I’ve had to carry around a small piece of cardboard with it to put under it to keep it from clacking. That’s annoying, no bones about it. But it works, and it keeps my wrists from killing themselves day in and day out.

On that note, if you have wrist pain, the best thing isn’t an ergonomic desk. It’s sleep. Get proper sleep at night, and I find that my wrist problems tend to fade away very fast. I learned this from the illustrious @louroboros, who would work at weird hours but still manage to get around eight hours of sleep a night.