58 Liters

Nalgene bottle

Nalgenes are the single greatest water bottle known to man, unless you’re interested in shaving every ounce off of your backpack, at the expense of durability. Friends of mine have shot a Nalgene multiple times with .22 caliber rifles and failed to break them, and dropped them full of ice from buildings. Some of mine - like this one - have been with me for around a dozen years. The only downside is that the opaque white ones are a bit cheaper made, and don’t hold soda or coke well without tarnishing the inside. Only store water in them, and use other liquids only for short periods.

A good tip for nalgenes is that they can also be used to store duct tape. Simply rewrap a length around the base of the bottle, and you have both an effective insulation or heat buffer, and you have some duct tape to boot. Other than that, they work quite for stickers that you don’t want to put on your laptop. The ones on this bottle come from some LPs (“Unintelligible” was used to describe the incredible World of Echo by Arthur Russell, while the silver circle came from, I believe, In Kind by Braids), from the book Bike Snob, from Saarbr├╝cken, where I spent a year and a half in Germany studying for a Masters, and from npm, who hosts code that helped make this site.