58 Liters


Bring some fruit, if you’re going the distance. I ate this apple next to a cathedral. I had run six miles there, through a cemetery, past rows and rows of the dead. I had climbed Lilac Hill in the cemetery, nodded at Greek and Asian families gathered around their graves, paying respects on Saturday afternoon, often formally dressed. When I saw the Cathedral, St. Joseph’s Oratory, in the distance, I ran towards that.


I found this hat lying in the mud on a path in the Meadows of Edinburgh, in 2010. I picked it up, brushed it off. I’ve been wearing it every winter, since. It’s been with me on ski trips, to the Arctic, to Berlin’s snow and Buenos Aires’ parrots. I wear it when I go running, when I go walking and it’s frigid out. When my beard was so cold that the frost grew icicles, it was on.